Virtual Power Teams

With the progress of globalization Virtual Teams are an increasing trend.

peter-ivanov-virtual-power-teamsIt is rare for a manager nowadays not to have to lead or be part of a virtual team.

Some good “traditional” managers struggle to unite a dispersed team. Distance and limited opportunities for informal, Face to Face conversations become a hurdle.

On the other hand there are managers who simply pick the Best talent wherever located, create a strong Virtual bond and deliver phenomenal results!

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So the question is: How to retain gravity despite distance and unleash the Teams power?

A Virtual Team is like an Atom where you have the Nucleus and various particles flying around. In a Virtual Team the aim is to retain the gravity despite the distance: The gravity between the individual members – the particles – and the Nucleus – the Team purpose and goals.

What does ‘Team Gravity’ mean?

  • Effective Magnetic cohesion between Team members leading to unique sense of Team Unity
  • Interdependence – team members have interdependent goals and their success relies on both their individual strengths and peer collaboration
  • Shine as Individual & Win as a Team!

Virtual Power Teams & The 10 Big Rocks

During his 20 years of international Managerial experience – Peter Ivanov has developed a highly effective method – The 10 Big Rocks. These are proven in practice Success Factors for leading a Virtual Team, retaining gravity and unleashing the Teams power.

It is a fascinating model supported by true stories from Peter’s rich virtual experience. The model is based on crystallized lessons and can be applied in large Global Projects as well as in ‘business as usual’ context.
Crowd of business people in huddle reaching for globe

What are the  characteristics of a Virtual Power Team?

      • Empowerment & Recognition
      • Unity & Development
      • Joy & Winning

If the 10 Big Rocks are implemented correctly they manifest the following positive outcomes:

      • Empowered People united around a common Goal
      • Strengths of Team members identified & nurtured
      • Robust Communication Structure – catering for formal and informal communications
      • Culture of Support, Recognition and Winning
      • Legacy: Developing the next generation of Leaders

Virtual Teams are an unavoidable reality in today’s global business world and they offer immense opportunities for those with “knowledge” to make them successful.

The Keynote speech – Virtual Power Teams – reveals the wisdom that helped the Virtual teams led by Peter – to win a number of corporate awards among which is – “The Best – of the Best Award.”

Peter is also an active Executive Coach supporting Managers to harness the Power of the Virtual Team!

Virtual Power Teams - Online Seminar