The Keynote speech “Virtual Power Teams – How to deliver projects quicker, reduce cost and develop your organisation for the future!”

Virtual or dispersed Teams are everywhere – starting with your home office workers through to your sales team and offices in multiple locations and onwards to reach large global Teams. 

Often Projects with dispersed teams struggle with delays or even sometimes completely fail. International investments are put at Risk due to intercultural issues or simply because the team members feel isolated and demotivated.

Peter Ivanov is an international Manager and Virtual Teams Expert. His method “The 10 Big Rocks” is proven in practice and has won multiple corporate awards. The method systematically shows how to lead virtual teamssave time and money and develop your organization for the future!”
Peter Ivanov - Virtual Power Teams
The Keynote speech “Virtual Power Teams” provides a mix of ‘proven in practice’ management methods and powerful and emotive leadership stories that raise incentive for top performance and successful large virtual team management in international organisations.

The speech is an ideal starter for a corporate or public event, setting the tone for further visionary, planning sessions and/or future successful celebration.

It outlines the 10 critical success factors for leading Virtual Teams based on the Award winning method:  “The 10 Big Rocks”


  • Corporate Meetings and Conferences
  • Leadership Events
  • Public Congresses, Conferences – Leadership, Human values, Management Trends
  • Large Project kick offs
  • Part of Corporate Leadership and Management development programs


Learning Outcomes:

      • How to achieve effective communication despite the geographical distance
      • How to motivate your team spread across multiple locations and establish a winning spirit
      • How to align individual goals with the team’s objectives in order to achieve fantastic business results

People do business: Give your people the Tools to build Virtual Power Teams and deliver phenomenal results!

Peter Ivanov - Virtual Team - Atom


” The European IT Team of “Nemak” has been inspired by the keynote “Virtual Power Teams”. We are implementing many of the insights in our daily work and making our virtual IT Team -Europe even stronger!”

Wolfgang Giesriegl, IT Manager – Europe Nemak