If you book Peter as a Leadership Speaker you will be amazed by the strength of character that enables him to achieve such remarkable results as Manager, Athlete and Father of 5 girls.

Peter brings a genuine passion for People and Teamwork – inspiring cohesive unity with both the Audiences he speaks to – and the Virtual Teams he leads.

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As a Keynote Speaker Peter speaks in English, German and Bulgarian at corporate business meetings as well as at public conferences, congresses and fairs.

“An amazing presentation from Peter Ivanov!

Very informative and perfectly delivered, just as a great conference presentation should be.”
Rob Davidson, Managing Director at MICE Knowledge


  • Stuttgart 11.12. 2015
  • Hamburg 11.01.2016
  • Copenhagen 08.02.2016
  • Marseille 14.03.2016
  • Sofia 18.03.2016
  • Zurich 13.04.2016
  • Hannover 26.04.2016
  • Hamburg 28.04.2016
  • London 18.06.2016






1. Virtual Power Teams

  • How to achieve effective communication despite the geographical distance
  • How to motivate your team spread across multiple locations and establish a winning spirit
  • How to align individual goals with the team’s objectives in order to achieve fantastic business results

2. The Power of Diversity

  • How to unite people despite age, gender, and cultural differences into a high performing team
  • How to support and nurture different Cultures in order to deliver Projects quicker
  • How to leverage your teams’ Diversity to master the challenges of the Future

3. New Leadership

  • Are you ready to leverage the new ways of finding and inspiring your employees in the Global working environment
  • How to use the diversity of your Team to conquer new Markets
  • How to unleash the Virtual Power and unite your Team for Top Performance

“The European IT Team of ‘Nemak’ has been inspired by the Keynote speech ‘Virtual Power Teams’ and the following Team Coaching. We are implementing many of the insights in our daily work and making our virtual IT Team -Europe even stronger!”

 Wolfgang Giesriegl, IT Manager – Europe, Nemak


Being a Virtual Team expert, Peter provides numerous insights for Managers on how to retain the gravity in a Virtual Team and unleash the Team’s power.

Peter’s keynote speeches can be tailored in time – length and content to the needs of a particular audience and to address their specific leadership challenges.


The three Leadership Keynotes contain all the lessons that helped the Virtual teams led by Peter – to win a number of global corporate Awards.


Peter Ivanov - Virtual Power Teams


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"ITCE Customers are primarily international companies with large Virtual Teams. Peter's keynote Virtual Power Teams helped the ITCE Consultants to tune into Virtual Teams problematic and gave them lots of ideas how to approach and act upon it. As a Speaker Peter brings a wealth of virtual experience, fascinating stories and sparks Inspiration about the Human power of the Virtual Teams."

− Nina Prodanova-Iozeva, Managing Partner ITCE

"Peter Ivanov is one of the most catching and inspiring speakers I have ever experienced. In the beginning of 2014 he supported our charity „Jugend gegen AIDS“ - „Youth Against AIDS“ by speaking about the system of the virtual power teams. His wide variety of interests and his different experiences in business, make him a very professional speaker. The very friendly and direct behaviour makes it easy to understand the most important facts and transfer them to the own problems. I Really appreciate the fact, that such a great person supports us!"

− Marvin Nusseck, Board Member - Youth against AIDS

"Peter Ivanov delivers his speech in a very positive and motivational way. He is trustworthy and authentic and has given powerful impulses to my students in Nordakademie."

− Prof. Dr. David Scheffer, Nordakademie

"The most important thing for a speaker is his charisma - to be able to attract and hold the audience’s attention till the end of the presentation, to engage people, to communicate with people. Peter Ivanov does it in an amazing way. His keynote is a combination of useful insights on Virtual Teams management and brilliant approach towards the audience. I am really glad we had the opportunity to enjoy his wonderful Keynote in our International HR Summit 2014"

− Genoveva Bakardzhieva, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Association for People Management

"Is managing Virtual Teams really a “rocket sicence”? No, after listening to Peter and his “10 Big Rocks” I got clear structure, winning spirit and lots of encouragement. For me his speech is essential Manual for leading our virtual Team.

Thank you Peter for your contribution for one border free, contemporary and dynamic Organisational culture!"

− Robert Amelung, General Manager of Communico

"The European IT Team of “Nemak” has been inspired by the presentation “Virtual Power Teams” and the following Team Coaching. We are implementing many of the insights in our daily work and making our virtual IT Team -Europe even stronger!"

− Wolfgang Giesriegl, IT Manager - Europe, Nemak

"I would strongly recommend the Virtual Power Teams workshop, as a breakthrough exercise for Teams with challenging targets and competitive market contexts. Very instrumental, straight forward and useful! Also it helped very much that Peter Ivanov is flexible with Russian language- all Team participated and we combined English and Russian as it best suited our Team."

− Dmitry Zagnetin, Business Unit Manager North West - British American Tabacco

"On behalf of the French Professional Speakers Association, I would like to thank you for your great contribution at the French Speakers Association Convention, last August 27-29, 2015. From the feedback we've received, your program was a great success."

− Christine Morlet, AFCP President

"An amazing presentation from Peter Ivanov. Very informative and perfectly delivered, just as a great conference presentation should be."

− Rob Davidson, Managing Director at MICE Knowledge