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  • May 25, 2014

Virtual Power Teams – Bulgarian invention that unites teams in different locations


Peter Ivanov - Virtual Power Teams

Peter Ivanov is a senior manager, keynote speaker and executive coach and has over 20 years of international experience.

Since 1998 he’s been working with global companies in Bulgaria, Hungary and Germany. The Teams led by Peter have been honored with two prestigious corporate awards of British American Tobacco, namely “Best of the Best” by Global IT Services in 2007 and the Global “IT Connect Award in 2012.

Manager Peter Ivanov is the author of the new and highly effective leadership method “Virtual Power Teams

How can you successfully build and lead teams whose members are located in two different cities, two different countries, or even on two or more different continents?

Those people work in different time zones and geographical locations but they have to comply every day with common processes, drive innovation and jointly overcome various challenges.
What would happen if there was a method that could ensure that these people could get to know each other and work as closely as if they spent their daily lunch breaks together?

Peter Ivanov has developed the management system – Virtual Power Teams -, which transforms international virtual teams, unites them and makes them highly effective. This method is based on over 20 years of his experience in global enterprises.
The value of Virtual Power Teams has been proven in organisations in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and Africa. This new method reduces travel costs and retains the effectiveness of the team.

Robust and structured communication is conducted through weekly Tele/Video Conferences in which every team member shares his/her personal and professional highlights. On a monthly basis, each Team member presents their progress on his/her formal annual goal following formal pre-agreed Templates.
“I set particular focus on the personality. People have to be given the opportunity to present themselves personally as well as professionally. This will later be key for developing their interpersonal relationships.

Another important factor is Empowerment.

Virtual Power Teams in Hamburg“Since in Virtual Teams the Manager is not just sitting around the corner, people need to have the freedom to make significant decisions, to take full ownership and responsibility for their goals. Assigned individual goals are by design interdependent, since this necessitates interaction and supports the gravity in a virtual team” says Peter Ivanov.

This method’s target groups are Project Managers of large international projects as well as Heads of department based in two or more locations. The Virtual Power Teams overcome time zones, physical distances and cultural differences. As Executive Coach Peter Ivanov has supported a project in the academic sphere where a virtual team of 5000 members spread across the globe have designed resilient schools for the Philippines.

As Partner for delivering “Virtual Power Teams” trainings and Team coaching Peter Ivanov has chosen ITCE a leader in the IT and Management Training in Bulgaria with over 15 years of experience.

Peter Ivanov has held a presentation to outline his methodology on 27th of March in Sofia.  Over 40 Managers from IT, Telecommunication, Software and Banking industries have attended the event.
During his presentations Peter Ivanov outlined the following aspects of his method:

  • How to sustain gravity between virtual team members despite physical distance ?
  • How to unleash and harness the power of the individual to produce outstanding business results?
  • How to lead virtual teams with lots of fun and joy and still deliver top performance?

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