As an Executive Coach – Peter Ivanov offers Face to Face or Virtual/ Video Conference Coaching to Managers of International Virtual Teams: To suit Project Managers of large multinational Projects as well as Managers of Departments spread across multiple countries.

Peter offers a –1 hour preliminary conversation – free of charge – ‘a getting to know each other’ dialogue – to clarify an agreement in regard to a specific Coaching Program.

Once all is in agreed: There are three Coaching options:


A. Open Workshop – outlines the 10 key success factors of leading virtual teams i.e. the 10 Big Rocks.
The training is designed for mixed groups of experts – both managers and team members, working on projects in different companies.

B. One Day Team Workshop is aimed at revealing the professional strengths of the group members. Thanks to original ‘bottom -up” system the participants learn how to set optimal goals, establish effective communication and enjoy winning team spirit.

Lead through a series of coaching & NLP exercises, project simulations and facilitated group reflections, the team finds it’s own way to Top Business Results.

C. Two Day Team Workshop

Designed to unlock the full potential of the group, the two-day team workshop gives a clear picture of the team’s goals, issues and opportunities.

Virtual Power Teams - Online Seminar

Here the group is lead through various exercises aiming to:

  • Set the Virtual Team’s Goals;
  • Establish the Strengths of the Individual members
  • Plan the workshop to lay the premise for productive relationships between Team members
  • Formulate the optimal Communication structure: Forums and Knowledge Management to retain gravity in the Virtual Team over the years
  • Define the optimal Culture exploring aspects of Dialogue, Sharing, Recognition and Winning.

The 2 days Executive coaching essentially fine-tunes the 10 Big Rocks to the specific needs of the respective Manager and his/her Virtual Team.

On request Peter offers Team coaching and ongoing support to the Manager whilst implementing the agreed plans.
This is to ensure the transfer of the Virtual Power Team’s theories into practice and adapt the 10 Big Rocks to meet the specific needs of the customer’s organization.


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"I was glad to get the opportunity to work with Peter as coach on various occasions. He is my trustful guidance and companion whenever complexity seems to be overwhelming and international or multicultural issues need a quick and reliable success. "

− Jan Schleifer, Co-Founder of WNJSC

"I had three coaching sessions with Peter so far, discussing three different topics. I was quite surprised how far you can get using the simple techniques he suggested. Peter took his time, listened carefully and asked the right questions. Thanks for helping me to move on"

− Lena Offermann, Business Analyst, British American Tobacco

"Peter's technique helped me draft the path I needed to manage a transition in my life. Through his coaching, I was also able to gain a personal insight of my strengths at work and have applied them to market myself during my job search'"

− Catalina Vasquez

"I would strongly recommend the Virtual Power Teams workshop, as a breakthrough exercise for Teams with challenging targets and competitive market contexts. Very instrumental, straight forward and useful! Also it helped very much that Peter Ivanov is flexible with Russian language- all Team participated and we combined English and Russian as it best suited our Team."

− Dmitry Zagnetin, Business Unit Manager North West - British American Tabacco