Three groups benefit from the Virtual Power Teams -
the Team members, the Manager of the Team and the entire Organisation.

How does the Manager benefit?

  • The Manager can work with the best resources in the world. He can simply pick the best experts whatever their location, pull them into a strong virtual bond and provide them with strong direction and support

  • To lead a virtual team is a unique responsibility. In collocated Teams – due to proximity – people tend to encourage and support each other more to get a task done. In a Virtual Team it is up to the Manager to instill an effective Virtual culture in order to bridge emotional and physical distance.

  • Therefore Virtual Team Leadership is Top notch People Leadership and will elicit respective Prestige

What are the Benefits for the entire Organization?

  • Global presence and Access to Global know-how and Resources

  • Organizational flexibility – scaling up and down, drawing upon existing capability is much quicker than building your own from scratch.

  • Outstanding business results – if a number of Virtual Teams are delivering Top performances, this ensures outstanding results for the entire organization

What are the Benefits for the Team members?

  • exciting international projects without having to leave their location

  • They save time from travelling and have flexibility in designing their work schedule

  • All this increases the number of opportunities for their development, possibilities for better pay and progress in their careers



Top Performance

Virtual Power Teams deliver Top Performance in 3 dimensions:

  • Top Speed Delivery – due to unified & empowered Teamwork

  • Excellent Quality – due to identified and nurtured strengths of Members

  • Going Beyond the Promise – Joy and a Winning spirit – brings Inspiration and encourages the Team to go that extra mile to overachieve in their given task

It’s all about picking the best people and ensuring a strong unified Team Gravity – enabled by a culture of mutual support, recognition and winning.

Fit for the virtual future

Virtual working penetrates business and many other areas of life. Effective Virtual Teamwork underlies almost any global Endeavour. If you can instill effective Virtual Culture into your business today – you will be interconnected and best placed globally for developing your Virtual future.

Virtual Power Teams are about ensuring you get the best Value from your Virtual Teams – by harnessing the power of the Individual, unleashing the power of the Team and delivering outstanding business results.