Virtual Power Teams

Virtual working penetrates business and many other areas of life.

Effective Virtual Teamwork underlies almost any global Endeavour.

If you can instill effective Virtual Culture into your business today – you will be interconnected and best placed globally for developing your Virtual future.


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Over the years Peter Ivanov has developed a highly effective method known as – The 10 Big Rocks. The success of this method is proven in practice – Retaining team gravity whilst unleashing inherent team power. 

As Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach – Peter Ivanov would be delighted to support you and your organization to harness the Power of your Virtual Team!


Your Benefits

Top Performance

Virtual Power Teams deliver Top Performance in 3 dimensions:

      • Top Speed Delivery – due to unified & empowered Teamwork
      • Excellent Quality – due to identified and nurtured strengths of Members

      • Going Beyond the Promise – Joy and a Winning spirit – brings Inspiration and encourages the Team to go that extra mile to overachieve in their given task

It’s all about picking the best people, ensuring a strong Team Gravity and delivering outstanding business results.


”I would strongly recommend the Virtual Power Teams Workshop, as a breakthrough exercise for Teams with challenging targets and competitive market contexts.
Very instrumental, straight forward and useful!”
Dmitry Zagnetin, Business Unit Manager, British American Tobacco




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No matter what focus your business or organisation has, you will find that Today in the Digital age you will have to work with people in different locations. from different nations and cultures. Communicating, organising, team building, and project management has to be done – if not entirely then, partially – online, virtually.

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How to deliver critical feedback in virtual teams?

3 Common Mistakes In Managing Virtual Teams


Virtual Teams are everywhere now – from home office workers to workers in offices in multiple locations and teams embedded in large global corporations.

According to Forrester Research 81% of Teams are distributed across multiple locations.

Often when a Projects team is dispersed they suffer delays and sometimes complete failure. International investments are put at Risk due to the intercultural issues or simply because the team members feel isolated and unmotivated.

What are the 3 most common Mistakes in managing Virtual teams?


Peter Ivanov on Eurocom TV

Тhe 10 rules for Success in the Global business – in extensive interview Peter Ivanov clarifies the following questions:

  • How to achieve effective communication despite the geographical distance
  • How to recognize your team spread across multiple locations and establish a Winning spirit
  • How to set individual goals aligned with the Team purpose in order to achieve phenomenal results


We will be working more virtually in the future

Working on several continents is today a common process for many of the large organisations. Virtual teams in which people do not work side by side are of fundamental importance to large corporations. According to many experts, this is the future of work organization.

How can the disadvantage of geographical distance be turned to advantage? We have discussed this subject with Peter Ivanov, a manager with over 20 years international business experience who has lead many virtual teams in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and Africa. He implemented the Virtual Power Teams management method with teams that were stationed in different continents. His concept, which consists of 10 elementary pillars, the “10 Big Rocks”, has been successfully applied in a number of internationally active organisations as well as in both academic and NGO sectors.




The Keynote “Virtual Power Teams” on the International HR Summit 2014

The Keynote Speaker Peter Ivanov sharing best practice on Virtual Teams Management  with over 200 HR Directors and Service Partners on the International HR Conference organised by the Bulgarian Association for People Management.





Virtual Power Teams in “Manager” Magazin

Virtual Power Teams – Bulgarian invention that unites teams in different locations

Peter Ivanov - Virtual Power TeamsHow can you successfully build and lead teams whose members are located in two different cities, two different countries, or even on two or more different continents?

Those people work in different time zones and geographical locations but they have to comply every day with common processes, drive innovation and jointly overcome various challenges.
What would happen if there was a method that could ensure that these people could get to know each other and work as closely as if they spent their daily lunch breaks together?



Why a Virtual Team needs a Coach?

Virtual team power
We have all seen that in sports the Team coach can make a huge difference.

The question is what difference can a Virtual Team Coach make?

A Virtual Team is a Team of individuals located in different places – cities, countries or even continents but who share a common goal. The Virtual Team may be aBusiness Team – for example a large international Project Team or a Department spread across several countries. It could be a group of scientists doing Research in a specific area – collaborating and building on each other ideas. It can also be a Team in the Education sphere. We have more and more Universities offering various Distance learning – using open on-line courses to bring together thousands of students into a Virtual Team. Very often the Team members are spread across continents, time zones and cultures.

Read More... 

In an interview for ITCE, Peter Ivanov shares useful practices for virtual teams management.

Peter Ivanov in Sofia 2014What are the challenges which a Virtual team faces in comparison to a locally based team?

Number one challenge is the inability for informal face-to-face conversation. If people have never met and established their relationship on a human level it is far less productive to work as a team being separated by continents and time zones.


Are You interested to unleash the Power of your Virtual Team? Get in Contact!

"Timely, lively, and vital Peter Ivanov's Virtual Power Teams is useful immediately and must for global organizations struggling to get everyone working together to change the world. Peter gets to the heart of how to bring teams together virtually in a busy world, without sacrificing excellence. Peters book is also a must read Powerteams Ohne Grenzen, out in German."

− Marc Buckley - TED Speaker , Entrepreneur, Sustainable Futurist

"Peter is a true leader, a person whom you can rely on. He leads the team
with confidence, delegating where appropriate and keeping direct focus on
items that are on the critical path. Peter ignites and inspires the team with his speeches. People follow him based on his authority and trustful
relationships that he builds with his Team."

− Peter Vasiliev, IT Manager

"Peter's approach for virtual teamwork is sound and handy at the same time. I had the chance to incorporate his ideas into my international communications team and into my international partnership network for public relations. I'm grateful he shared his experience and ideas so we could easily optimize our work and output."

− Jan Schleifer, Co Founder of WNJSC

"I have worked couple years reporting to Peter, part of a virtual team. Peter lead us to put an Agenda of Objectives and Actions together, and he was relying heavily on Transparency to ensure we understand the big picture, the related roadmap and the impact of each individual on the status of the team. He avoided direct orders, using instead discussions, common sense and negotiation skills to influence our performance and ensure our commitment. He explored the skill set of the individuals on the team, and supported us into selecting specialties to flourish, enjoy what we do, succeed to shine and develop our careers."

− Joseph Yammine, IT Manager -North Africa, British American Tobacco

"I had the privilege of reporting into and working with Peter for close to two years. He is a remarkable man with strong leadership & management skills, especially leading a large and diverse virtual teams. He is very balanced (an impressive drive for results, yet a good family man and still always seems to have time for everyone), disciplined (instils a culture of personal effectiveness) and communicates in an effective and assured manner. These along with his wealth of experience stand him in good stead in any field."

− Olakunle Ogedengbe, IT Services Manager – Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa, British American Tobacco

"Peter Ivanov is one of the most catching and inspiring speakers I have ever experienced. In the beginning of 2014 he supported our charity „Jugend gegen AIDS“ - „Youth Against AIDS“ by speaking about the system of the virtual power teams. His wide variety of interests and his different experiences in business, make him a very professional speaker. The very friendly and direct behaviour makes it easy to understand the most important facts and transfer them to the own problems. I Really appreciate the fact, that such a great person supports us!"

− Marvin Nusseck, Board Member - Youth against AIDS

"Peter Ivanov delivers his speech in a very positive and motivational way. He is trustworthy and authentic and has given powerful impulses to my students in Nordakademie."

− Prof. Dr. David Scheffer, Nordakademie

"The most important thing for a speaker is his charisma - to be able to attract and hold the audience’s attention till the end of the presentation, to engage people, to communicate with people. Peter Ivanov does it in an amazing way. His keynote is a combination of useful insights on Virtual Teams management and brilliant approach towards the audience. I am really glad we had the opportunity to enjoy his wonderful Keynote in our International HR Summit 2014"

− Genoveva Bakardzhieva, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Association for People Management

"Is managing Virtual Teams really a “rocket sicence”? No, after listening to Peter and his “10 Big Rocks” I got clear structure, winning spirit and lots of encouragement. For me his speech is essential Manual for leading our virtual Team.

Thank you Peter for your contribution for one border free, contemporary and dynamic Organisational culture!"

− Robert Amelung, General Manager of Communico

"The European IT Team of “Nemak” has been inspired by the presentation “Virtual Power Teams” and the following Team Coaching. We are implementing many of the insights in our daily work and making our virtual IT Team -Europe even stronger!"

− Wolfgang Giesriegl, IT Manager - Europe, Nemak

"I would strongly recommend the Virtual Power Teams workshop, as a breakthrough exercise for Teams with challenging targets and competitive market contexts. Very instrumental, straight forward and useful! Also it helped very much that Peter Ivanov is flexible with Russian language- all Team participated and we combined English and Russian as it best suited our Team."

− Dmitry Zagnetin, Business Unit Manager North West - British American Tabacco

"On behalf of the French Professional Speakers Association, I would like to thank you for your great contribution at the French Speakers Association Convention, last August 27-29, 2015. From the feedback we've received, your program was a great success."

− Christine Morlet, AFCP President

"An amazing presentation from Peter Ivanov. Very informative and perfectly delivered, just as a great conference presentation should be."

− Rob Davidson, Managing Director at MICE Knowledge